Kasia Wolf
performance artiste
Blond Hair - Blue Eyes
Polish, English, German, French


2001 - 2003 Theater School Gérard Philipe
2009 - 2011 European Academy of Corporeal Theater and Mime Magenia
2018 - 2020 International contemporary dance school - Paris


Sensory training with Marie Giraud
Meisner Technique with Mike Bernardin
Contemporary Dance with Cie Systeme Castafiore


Demain la Bièvre

2022 - 2022

Theater tour, dance Performence

Cie Méliadès
2019 - 2021

Pas comme L’Autruche , Physical Theatre

Cie Galop de Buffles
2018 - 2020
Tête à Tête

Tête à Tête, Mime / Dance creation

A colorful children's theater in which two different characters meet. In the end, friendship wins and it is much nicer than it is to be alone.
Cie Mimelés
2012 - 2018

Two, Contemporary Mime Duo

Siamese twins who enjoy sharing and reuniting their common bodies. Freely inspired by the Plato's myth of "soul mates".
Cie Shin; Photographer: Herminie Phillippe; Painter: Kasia Klon
2015 - 2016
Musée en marche, musée vivant

Musée en marche, musée vivant, Street performance

« Memory ».
Cie Cyclone; Location: Hôtel National des Invalides Army Museum, Paris
Crémière à Ottakring

Crémière à Ottakring, Actress

A musical spectacle with the text of Alia Rachmanova on the third event of Maria Szymanowska.
Directed by Ella Jaroszewicz; Organized by Elisabeth Zapolska; Location: Paris
2012 - 2013

Parricides, Role of Henry

A play about the difficulty of existence and trying to find a place in this world, where family relationships and love have little chance.
Directed by Monique Stalens; Theater: Le vent se lève, in Polish surtitles
Ainsi soit-il

Ainsi soit-il, Theater

A series of monologues of people with different backgrounds and life settings.
Author & direction: Fouzia Lyamini; Location : Théâtre de la reine Blanche
C’était Mieux Avant

C’était Mieux Avant, Role of Ginette

A funny and critical fable about power, dominance and manipulation.
Cie Paroles à jouer; Author: E. Darley
2008 - 2009

Levis 501, Character of the mormon

Scene for event
Location: Palais Des Beaux Arts, Paris
2,56 Min. d’Entracte

2,56 Min. d’Entracte, Exercices de style of R. Queneau

The bus line S charged with passengers of an elusive stories, driven by a strange energy: that of The irrational.
Co Nuit Blanche’s theater; Location: Grasse - Nice - Valbonne
Soleil des Mourants

Soleil des Mourants, Character of Mirjana, Monique

A story from the world of the homeless, full of hopelessness and different destinies and a sad end.
Co Galop de Buffles; From J.C. Izzo; Directed by S. Balistreri; Location: Périgueux - Bergerac - Marseille
Le Théâtre ambulant Chopalvitch

Le Théâtre ambulant Chopalvitch, Role of Simca

In 1941, the traveling theater Chopalovich entered a Nazi-occupied village to play "The robbers" of Schiller. In the time of war and hatred, the villagers have no leisure for joy and fun. The theater group meets with rejection.
Adaptation of L. Simovitch; Théâtre de la Nuit Blanche; Location: Grasse
Les Fleurs du Mal

Les Fleurs du Mal

A performance on the poems of Baudelaire.
Location: Italy
Performing Arts, Audio-visuel, Teaching
Wing Chun, Taiji Chen and Dance


Participation in supervision for acting workshop

acting workshop for people with mental illness.
Theater Company Galop de buffles
2018 - 2020

Pantomime- workshop

Pantomime-workshop in Polish.
2019 - 2019

Dance classes

Dance classes in schools.
Académie des arts.
2018 - 2018

Pantomime- workshop

Mime - Workshop for amateur theatre groups.
Les P’Tits Pas Pieds
2012 - 2016

Pantomime- workshop

Pantomime-workshop for children.
Dance Company Mimélés
2016 - 2016

acting in schools

2001 - 2002
Performing Arts, Audio-visuel, Teaching
Wing Chun, Taiji Chen and Dance


Polish (mother tongue) 80% Wing Chun 90%
English 80% Taiji Chen 90%
German 100% Dance 90%
French 90%
Performing Arts, Audio-visuel, Teaching
Wing Chun, Taiji Chen and Dance